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A Home for some of the best Country and Irish music .

If you are an up and coming singer and want to be heard on radio then please send us an MP3 of your music and we will put it on our Auto DJ it will also be played by our live DJ’s, plus we point to iTunes where the listener can purchase the track or Album we also list last.fm and Amazon.

So if you are and artist performer or singer playing at a venue send us your details and we will advertise them here, or if you are putting on a night of good Country and Irish music in your Bar/Hotel, parish Hall, or Barn Dance please send us the details early and we will post them here on Coastlineradio We need more DJ’s so if you think you could present a show for an hour or more please email details to me Brendan Gavin, brendan@coastlineradio.net or Call/Text me at the number at the bottom of this page.
Our auto DJ runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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If the song exists in our database the system will play it automatically for you within a few minutes if not we will receive your request and try to source that track and play it for you at a future date
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Coastline Radio

Coastline Radio is a not for profit organisation whose sole purpose is to bring to you the listener the best in Country and Irish music,our system is set up so that if you like a track you can purchase it from the supplier thereby supporting the artist.


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